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Trevor Abbott, co-owner of Spin Chill

Thoughts About Branding a Business

a�?Branding is a hard thing to explain. We (Spin Chill) see it as where we position ourselves and the public view of the company as a whole. Ita��s not something that is explicitly stated or told, but ita��s more about how we a�?walk the walk.a�� We work hard at what we do and then relax, so the brand has taken on that same feel.a�?


Blake Fletcher, COO Fletcher Family of Companies

Importance of Marketing and Branding

a�?One of the most important lessons I have learned about marketing and branding is to get your business name out into the community in a consistent, professional and relatable manner. Being successful at marketing and branding does not mean saying yes to every opportunity but rather knowing who your potential client is and gearing your campaign to that target. If you know that your clients and customers use the Internet, which nowadays most do, then do your research and invest your money in the Internet. Be careful though: A poorly managed SEO campaign can be just as devastating as not having one at all. Track, track and then track some more!a�?

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